It is certain that his hometown was Elea Latin: Velia —a Greek settlement along the Tyrrhenian coast of the Appenine Peninsula, just south of the Bay of Salerno, now located in the modern municipality comune of Ascea, Italy. Herodotus reports that members of the Phocaean tribe established this settlement ca. When exactly Parmenides was born is far more controversial. Neither account is clearly convincing in-itself, and scholars are divided on their reliability and veracity. The reliability of this account is esteemed for its historical focus as opposed to any philosophical agenda of these authors. The later birthdate B. However, Plato is also known for including other entirely fictitious, clearly anachronistic yet precise details in his dialogues. Plato is not necessarily a reliable historical source.

Parmenides of Elea (Late 6th cn.—Mid 5th cn. B.C.E.)

December 1, They said it best. So, you’re getting married? It’s time to pick a dress, get the hall, and plan what you’re going to say to your bride or groom. Of course, writing your vows can be the hard part. It can be easy to list everything you love most about your significant other, but truly being able to find the right words that say what you mean and sounds beautiful once you’re finally on the altar can feel almost impossible. Wherever you choose to share these poems with your sweetheart, he’ll love them because they’ll come from you.

More theoretically problematic, determining some aspects to be allegorical while other details are not would seem to require some non-arbitrary methodology, which is not readily forthcoming.

Readymades of Marcel Duchamp Marcel Duchamp coined the term ready-made in to describe a common object that had been selected and not materially altered in any way. Duchamp assembled Bicycle Wheel in by attaching a common front wheel and fork to the seat of a common stool. This was not long after his Nude Descending a Staircase was attracting the attention of critics at the International Exhibition of Modern Art.

In , Fountain , a urinal signed with the pseudonym “R. Mutt”, and generally attributed to Duchamp, confounded the art world. In the same year, Duchamp indicated in a letter to his sister, Suzanne Duchamp, that a female friend was centrally involved in the conception of this work. Exhaustive research of mundane items like snow shovels and bottle racks in use at the time failed to reveal identical matches. The urinal, upon close inspection, is non-functional.

Jose de Creeft began making large-scale assemblages in Paris, such as Picador , made of scrap metal, rubber and other materials. The combination of several found objects is a type of ready-made sometimes known as an assemblage. By the time of the Surrealist Exhibition of Objects in a whole range of sub-classifications had been devised—including found objects, ready-made objects, perturbed objects, mathematical objects, natural objects, interpreted natural objects, incorporated natural objects, Oceanic objects, American objects and Surrealist objects.

In the s found objects were present in both the Fluxus movement and in Pop art.

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Early life[ edit ] Scholars have speculated that Kalidasa may have lived near the Himalayas , in the vicinity of Ujjain , and in Kalinga. Lakshmi Dhar Kalla , a Sanskrit scholar and a Kashmiri Pandit , wrote a book titled The birth-place of Kalidasa , which tries to trace the birthplace of Kalidasa based on his writings.

He concluded that Kalidasa was born in Kashmir , but moved southwards, and sought the patronage of local rulers to prosper. The evidence cited by him from Kalidasa’s writings includes:

So, you’re getting married?

Often played a handsome bachelor Roles in romantic comedies Often played characters who were much younger than his actual age. Ian Fleming modeled the James Bond character partially with Grant in mind. Passed away later that night at St. Luke’s Hospital at From , he shared a house with Randolph Scott , whom he met on Hot Saturday Scott often jokingly referred to Grant as his spouse.

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Love Poems Expressing your love in fine poetry helps to melt even the coldest heart. Do it right and you gain instant points with the fair lady or fine gentleman. However, doing it the wrong way often results in the opposite effect. Read through the love poems in this section and learn how to express your love the right way! Romance Movies Have you always wanted to find out more about your favourite romantic comedy or movie but is unable to do so?

Dogs do not ritually urinate in the hope of persuading heaven to do the same and send down rain.

CypherSD March 23, at 9: When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours. Obviously I am painting religious people with a very broad brush, but it seems to me that most of them choose a particular god because it was the one their parents and family taught them was real, or perhaps because it better reflects the world as they want it to be in the case of conversions. Gregg March 23, at 9: Jake de Backer March 23, at 9: Dogs do not ritually urinate in the hope of persuading heaven to do the same and send down rain.

Asses do not bray a liturgy to cloudless skies. Only man behaves with such gratuitous folly. It is the price he has to pay for being intelligent but not, as yet, quite intelligent enough.

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And Life Becomes A Celebration The word after it’s said. The moment after it’s missed. The time after it’s gone. Organize A Party Celebrate life’s special moments by organizing a party , here you will find plenty of tips and party ideas as well as a checklist for organizing the ultimate party.

Duchamp assembled Bicycle Wheel in by attaching a common front wheel and fork to the seat of a common stool.

Baker’s poems cover all areas of life, from love , sex , and even death. Are you inspired by anything or anyone while you’re writing poetry? There are many others but those are just a few”. What makes you gravitate towards writing about certain subjects? When I write about the subject I hope that someone, even if it is one person, can relate to my definition of this four letter word. Why did you decide to start posting your poetry on Instagram and how has that affected your career?

I just want anyone to relate to it. It is a wonderful elation when one person is touched by a brief clutter of words. You’ve written many incredible poems, but is there any one that stands out to you or that you can relate to the most? Out of the 15, that I have written, and out of the 8, I have published on Instagram, I would say every single one is from my heart, and I relate to. If I had to go with just one it would be, “She was the prettiest Hell I have ever been in; I didn’t mind burning at all.

But in the meantime, check out 15 amazing poems that will make you feel some type of way.

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Noting though, that the signature is “Walter Lehman”.

Las Posadas The poems Shakespeare seems to have wanted to be a poet as much as he sought to succeed in the theatre. His plays are wonderfully and poetically written, often in blank verse. And when he experienced a pause in his theatrical career about —94, the plague having closed down much theatrical activity, he wrote poems. Venus and Adonis and The Rape of Lucrece are the only works that Shakespeare seems to have shepherded through the printing process.

Both owe a good deal to Ovid , the Classical poet whose writings Shakespeare encountered repeatedly in school. These two poems are the only works for which he wrote dedicatory prefaces. Both are to Henry Wriothesley, earl of Southampton.

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Link With a strong background and training in music and a reputation as a fine librettist, Gwen Harwood’s love and knowledge of music encompasses her very active engagement with language, metre, rhyme schemes and rhythm, as well as metaphor and myth; all the formal elements of poetry. Yet philosophy was a keen interest as well, and she examines the dialectic between the transcendent and the everyday, the mystical and the domestic, and the constructive, generative and evocative role of language in poetry and experience.

Locating herself solidly within European culture and the Romantic tradition and tracing a more masculine lineage of inspiration, and confidently taking on historical forms and masculine modes, Harwood also plays with them, “writing against” them in a layering of varied registers.

At the time, Grant was still married to actress Betsy Drake , and Loren was involved with year-old producer Carlo Ponti , who was also married.

See Article History Alternative Title: With Walt Whitman , Dickinson is widely considered to be one of the two leading 19th-century American poets. Devoted to private pursuits, she sent hundreds of poems to friends and correspondents while apparently keeping the greater number to herself. She habitually worked in verse forms suggestive of hymns and ballads , with lines of three or four stresses. Her unusual off-rhymes have been seen as both experimental and influenced by the 18th-century hymnist Isaac Watts.

She freely ignored the usual rules of versification and even of grammar, and in the intellectual content of her work she likewise proved exceptionally bold and original. Her verse is distinguished by its epigrammatic compression, haunting personal voice, enigmatic brilliance, and lack of high polish. Early years The second of three children, Dickinson grew up in moderate privilege and with strong local and religious attachments. For her first nine years she resided in a mansion built by her paternal grandfather, Samuel Fowler Dickinson, who had helped found Amherst College but then went bankrupt shortly before her birth.

Her father, Edward Dickinson, was a forceful and prosperous Whig lawyer who served as treasurer of the college and was elected to one term in Congress. Her mother, Emily Norcross Dickinson, from the leading family in nearby Monson, was an introverted wife and hardworking housekeeper; her letters seem equally inexpressive and quirky. Both parents were loving but austere , and Emily became closely attached to her brother, Austin, and sister, Lavinia. Never marrying, the two sisters remained at home, and when their brother married, he and his wife established their own household next door.

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The belief that Opinion would have required a lengthy explication in order to adequately address its myriad of disparate topics may be overstated.

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