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Nigeria: Raising an Army Against Corruption Risks

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Federal Government Complicity, Human Rights Abuse and Corruption “Many people have been killed in this system and no one has been held to account for it.

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Police Arraigns Fake Ekiti Pastor & His Brother for Alleged Fraud

Obasanjo Vows to Curb Corruption, Waste in Public Service President Olusegun Obasanjo has reiterated his government’s determination to curb corruption and waste in the public service and vowed to bring to book corrupt public servants and others outside the system. Speaking on Monday in Abuja at the 34th yearly Conference of Civil Service Commissions in the Federation, the President expressed disappointment over the poor performance of the service all over the nation.

In several ways, the public service has undermined our quest for stability, growth and development”, he added. President Obasanjo decried the waste, misplaced priorities, inefficiency and outdated technology in the public service, noting that:

President Obasanjo’s rhetorical acknowledgement of the problem of police torture in was not followed up by any meaningful action to bring those responsible to account or prevent future abuses.

From Vanguard, a Nigerian newspaper: Vanguard learnt at the weekend that Nwude, last Tuesday, in Lagos, personally signed a document titled “Settlement Agreement, ” which ceded to Sakaguchi, all his legal and equitable rights to the choice assets. A copy of the agreement made available to Vanguard indicated that the trial judge, Justice Olubunmi Oyewole substantially premised his judgment on the substance of the ‘settlement agreement’ on forfeiture of the choice assets.

The voluntarily surrendered assets include real estates, a number of expensive cars and large public quoted shares in a number of blue chip companies. He signed away his possessions of the assets on November 15, in Lagos when it dawned on him that he had a very bad case in court and after striking a deal with the EFCC on the settlement of the case. While serving his jail term in Lagos prison, he is expected to deliver to Sakaguchi, all title documents to all the assets voluntarily surrendered by him within a maximum of 15 days.

The ultimatum for the delivery of the titled documents expires November 29, this year, otherwise the settlement agreement already signed by him would be deemed void. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission which prosecuted him in court was the engineer of the settlement agreement. According to the agreement, the commission is also expected, in principle, to vet and okay the agreement especially its compliance within 30 days from the date both parties Nwude and Sakaguchi or their nominees, appended their signatures on the agreement.

By implication, EFCC is expected to okay the agreement on the surrender of Nwude’s assets before December 14, this year. They are also to forfeit million dollars to the Brazilian bank and pay Chief Nwude bagged 25 years while Okoli will spend the next 12 years behind bars. The third accused person, Mrs Amaka Anajemba had avoided trial by pleading guilty to the amended charges and was immediately sentenced to 30 years imprisonment in July this year.

The duo were found guilty on all the 11 offences they were charged with.

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Desmond Utomwen commended the Federal Government of Nigeria for taking policy, institutional, and financial steps towards providing the needed environment for the implementation of the SDGs in Nigeria. Specifically, he noted that Nigeria was amongst the first countries to establish a special high-level office in the presidency to coordinate the implementation of the SDGs. He also commended Nigeria for its multi-stakeholder approach in implementing the SDGs. Through this approach, Nigeria has been able to set up structures which will support the engagement of the private sector, civil society and other non-state actors, the release noted.

The formulation of the SDGs saw one of the most inclusive and consultative processes in the history of the United Nations, involving the Member states, civil society, private sector, parliamentarians, local authorities, faith leaders amongst other.

The event also opened my eyes to the truth that people could actually desire to listen to me if I used the right words at the right time and for the right audience.

Eight years since the end of military rule, the country’s longest-ever stretch of uninterrupted civilian government, the conduct of many public officials and government institutions is so pervasively marked by violence and corruption as to more resemble criminal activity than democratic governance. This report documents what Human Rights Watch considers to be the most important human rights dimensions of this crisis: The four-month-old administration of President Umaru Yar’Adua has the opportunity as well as the responsibility to urgently tackle the systematic corruption and violence within the political system.

The challenge is immense-his own party has helped entrench Nigeria’s corrupt and violent political culture and President Yar’Adua himself was helped into office within the “rules” of the system. But concrete results in this area are necessary if the overall human rights picture in Nigeria is to improve and if the rule of law is to be rehabilitated. There are signs that the government may be willing to consider real reform of Nigeria’s failed electoral institutions, and the president has made a rhetorical commitment to upholding the rule of law.

Such statements are welcome and important. But so long as government officials and other powerful individuals are able to throw their effort into attempting the illegal subversion of those same institutions with impunity, no amount of legislative tinkering will preserve their integrity. It is only determined action to reform key institutions and to tackle impunity that will achieve meaningful change in governance and respect for human rights.

Police Arraigns Fake Ekiti Pastor & His Brother for Alleged Fraud

I also learnt that as a pastor, I must be conscious of language use and usage. Besides, I got insight on the integrity of the writer and the minister of the gospel. I thank God for making it possible for me to attend the meeting Adeyeye Temilade. This summit has helped to educate me on the fact that I should not write in flesh but in spirit. As a writer, I am to ensure that my works inspire others and not confuse them. I have also learnt that the minister who communicates intelligently will command the respect of his audience, and that Jesus Christ was an interesting speaker.

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United Nations Commends Nigeria on SDGs Implementation

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Ekiti Apc releases list of 102 Party Memebers Fayose plans to Arrest

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Delivering judgement, Justice Oyewole convicted them and their companies.