V2X in the USA is based on 5. Several deployment projects are underway in the USA, deploying thousands of aftermarket in-vehicle devices and roadside systems. Several vehicle OEMs are preparing or have already announced that they are including this technology in their vehicles to enable a new class of safety and mobility applications. As computer-aided design, modeling and simulation are critical for product design and development, the test world now uses full-field optical measurements to better understand the holistic response of materials, structures and completed designs. This full-field measurement and response allows engineers to more fully understand their parts and material interactions, improving the quality of the advanced designs. Optical methods are a better way to measure your vehicle components. The software receives vehicle performance and test status information from the OBS-ONE unit and displays important RDE trip-specific, boundary-specific and driver-dynamic-specific information in an easy to read and interpret format. This coaching feature can be used to improve trip-to-trip driving similarity, encourage desired driving style and improve probability of meeting the trip-specific requirements. Faulty battery cells can lead to fires and even explosions. This presentation will discuss advanced leak-detection methods available for testing high-performance lithium-ion battery packs.

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Kaptol square and Zagreb Cathedral. The etymology of the name Zagreb is unclear. It was used of the united city only from , but it had been in use as the name of the Zagreb dioecese since the 12th century, and was increasingly used of the city in the 17th century. The modern Croatian form Zagreb is first recorded in a map by Nicolas Sanson.

To better understand and characterize the emission rates during individual modes of operation, SGS performed an in-field experiment to measure the emission rates of a final Tier 4 excavator.

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In the 18th century, the Habsburg monarchy also recruited Germans from the southern principalities to relocate to the Danube valley. They wanted both to increase the population and to redevelop the river valley for agriculture, which had declined markedly under the Ottomans. To encourage such settlement, the government agreed that the German communities could practice their religion mostly Catholicism and use their original German dialect. It was a cultural and political centre of Serbs see also Serbian Revival , who did not have their own national state at the time.

Kaptol square and Zagreb Cathedral.

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The city was liberated by the Partisans at the end of the war.

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After the Zagreb earthquake , up to the outbreak of World War I , development flourished and the town received the characteristic layout which it has today.

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For this, Desy proposes the etymology of Chabrag, a well-attested hypocorism of the name Cyprian.

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