Christmas in the Middle Ages December 25, by Medievalists. It includes links to articles related to this topic. Origins Many ancient religions held great importance for the phenomenon of the winter solstice, the time when daylight was at its shortest and the night was at its longest during the year. In the Julian calendar, this date originally fell on December 25th. It was at this point in the year that the Romans held midwinter celebrations called Saturnalia, which was the god Saturn. This included feasts and the custom of giving wax dolls to children as presents. There were other traditions too, including in Celtic areas of the Roman empire, where men and women would dress in clothes of the opposite sex, and then go dancing with aninal masks on. During the Early Middle Ages Christmas became one of the most important days in the Christian year, and by the fifth century the celebration was expanded with the creation of Advent and other feasts days for St. Stephen, John the Evangelist and the Innocents the children executed by Herod for the three days following Christmas.

50 Themed Christmas Basket Ideas

Great Birthday gifts once you have been going out for a bit and have a good idea of what her likes and dislikes are. This is the easiest stage because you know more abut each other; things are still new and fresh. What makes the difference in the gifts is if you are in a casual or serious relationship. Casual Relationship Birthday gifts 1 A card that has a casual tone, but still says I care.

Do not buy any thing with a Celtic Claddagh, as it is a symbol of commitment.

The next you want a cold beer right away, you can always have it.

Create your own family police lineup. We love these old-fashioned types — they always show up great in photos! You can grab some lower case letters here and upper ones here. O Christmas Tree- Take a shot of the kids standing in front of the lit-up Christmas tree. We love this perfect plaid blanket. You can grab a toddler Santa suit here and a cute little elf suit here! No Christmas props required! We LOVE these vintage style ones — they would look great in photos! Be Jolly, By Golly!

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If you always for your stuffs online, you know what an amazing place Amazon is. There are millions and millions of items being sold there. What does this mean? But… You will hate this when it comes to hunting for white elephant gift ideas!

It held a ticket to a sporting event that night.

So why not introduce that lighthearted mood by planning a sexy game night with your spouse? Choose the game you want to play. There are sexy games appropriate for married Christian couples. Quality online Christian retailers screen games and let you know if there are any questionable portions. Moreover, almost any game you own can be converted into a sexy game. Land on his property, and you owe him a romantic or sexual favor. Just see where getting in the buff and then putting your right hands on red and your left feet on green will get you.

Remember that the name of the game is fun. Keep it light and playful. Send him a flirty invitation. Grab Scrabble letters to spell out a message and leave them where your husband can find them. Set up the game. That could be your bedroom or a hotel room or someplace else. Or simply set the scene.

Christmas Breakfast Ideas

This post contains affiliate links. Tackle Box Craft Kit Mama. You can add some of these fun balls for them to throw around! Printable gift tag included! They would be perfect to include with this basket.

Fun and Casual- No matter what the scene, make sure to grab some more candid photos.

While going through boxes of old things from my family, I came upon a ton of ancient greeting cards. They ranged from Art Deco beauties to funky images from the s. The longer answer requires a bit more explanation. See, most vintage greeting cards have been signed and mailed. Who needs a s card to Aunt Emily from Beatrice and the kids? And in most cases, the cards have yellowed, browned, torn and wrinkled over time. Keep them, donate them , give them away. But designers, crafters and artists often like to use the images in scrapbooking, decoupage and other applications — or simply for inspiration.

They prefer to buy quantities of vintage cards. Lot of vintage cards for crafts. Photo courtesy of Bountiful Books, Etsy Other people frame them for display, which can create an inexpensive and lovely way to decorate! Back in the mid to late s, greeting cards were often hand painted by noted artists such as Kate Greenaway , and featured elaborate lifestyle scenes, floral motifs, animals and other designs. They were expensive even then, so that only the wealthiest people could send them.

101 Creative Christmas Card Ideas

Decorations foam stickers, glitter, stars etc Ribbon or String How to make a — Christmas Tree Card This is a great one for small toddlers whose hand and finger prints never turn out clear. Repeat, moving the hand slightly to the left and then to the right. Using brown, paint in the trees trunk. This is an easy but effective art work for small people. Snowman Card Take a coloured piece of paper for the background. Place palm down onto the paper and press.

Just cut some apple slices and pour some caramel dip.

By Gray Miller If you want to add spice to your love life, these free printable romantic game ideas may be just what you need. Ranging from hands-on sensual touch to thoughtful wordplay, these games can bring a touch of magic between the two of you. A Rose by Any Other Game Flowers may be the traditional way to say “I love you,” but there is something to be said for variety – for trying something different, for shaking things up a bit when you and your lover may have slipped into a rut.

The objective of these cards is not to bind you into a hard and fast set of rules – rather, they should be used to inspire, to start you off on a journey of mutual exploration, passion, and most importantly, fun. If the card is dropped to the floor because you’re too busy doing something else, that’s fine – that’s why they’re freely printable from your computer.

Four Free Printable Romantic Game Ideas Each of the four cards has a different kind of game, and the rules are printed on each card. Print them out on regular paper or cardstock if you like, and place them somewhere your lover will see them. Man or woman, the cards are a great way to spice up an evening or an entire week.

10 Easy White Elephant Gift Ideas Perfect for Last Minute Gift Sprees

It is worth looking at a famous study by the Rockefeller Foundation that discovered why customers leave a business. Alternatively, a business would close down. According to the Rockefeller survey, most customers feel that the businesses they buy from really do not seem to care about their customers. There are four ways to retain your customers and they are as follows:

When you write a Christmas card, you have to keep the recipient in mind to make sure that you send the right message.

I talk about everything that comes to mind in everyday life from parenting issues, Celtic jewelry, shopping, and everything else that shows up in my life like holidays. Saturday, December 22, Great birthday gifts for your boyfriend So what do you give that special guy in your life for his birthday? If you have been with him for a while it should be a snap, though not always. But when you have just started dating, it is incredibly hard to know what to get.

What you give is going to depend on how long you have been together and what stage of the relationship you are at. Early on in the relationship you may not know very much about him so that can make it hard to get the right thing. So what can you give when you have no idea about what he will like? It is not like you can grab some flowers or gift basket.

It is a fine line between too much and lame. Keep in mind that some men are not comfortable with their girlfriend paying for dinner early on into the relationship. You may want to go with take out or home cooked meal or go out as a group where every one pays for his meal.

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Marriage Questions to Ask This holiday season surprise your lover with more than one present. You can spend one cold, indoor day having a Christmas Scavenger Hunt. The adult theme behind your Christmas Scavenger Hunt can make all the difference, and provide some very exciting and erotic fun.

And really, who couldn’t use a little more food and fun in their life?

Sheryl Faber You’ve been dating this wonderful guy for three months now and the gift-giving season is coming up fast. Surprise him with an afternoon of skiing — or learning how to ski. While you’ll want to give your beau something he’ll appreciate, you don’t want to purchase something too intimate or prematurely personal for a fairly new relationship. You can look for gift items that are often universally appealing to most men, and then use your boyfriends interests, age and background as a guide to personalize the gift just a little.

Meet Singles in your Area Free for 3 Days! Off to the Races Tickets to a concert, holiday play or sporting event are presents that both of you can enjoy together. Make sure it is to an event that he would choose for himself and cheerfully accompany him even if you don’t enjoy stock car racing, monster trucks, wrestling or gun shows. Hobby Bookworm Purchase a beautifully illustrated book on his favorite hobby and inscribe the inside cover with the date and holiday wishes.

Books on hunting, motorcycles, golf, tennis and fine wines are readily available online and in local bookstores.

87 Free Printable Christmas Cards

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These parties have not only given new life to old pieces of holiday monstrosity, they have made them quite trendy and exceptionally fun as well. So much of the popularity of Halloween resides in the joy we all feel in to getting step outside of ourselves and our inhibitions, and be somebody else for a day. In costume we might find ourselves speaking, acting and thinking just a bit different. Perhaps some of our reservations go away when disguised as another, if only for a while.

This also is partly why the ugly Christmas sweater party has become so popular! At an ugly Christmas sweater party we get to remove ourselves from the protocols and societal norms for a day. We get to let loose, take down all of the guards and just be…well… ridiculous. We all are ridiculous on some level, and to get to strut it around with pride makes everyone feel happy and accepted. If you are planning a holiday sweater party celebrating the most awful pieces of knitting in town, we have got you covered.

Yes, we do sell the best and worst ugly Christmas sweaters anywhere , and we have you covered there, but we also want to share with you some tips on throwing the most amazing ugly sweater party anywhere this Christmas season. Invitations Make your invitations fun and exciting.