I last updated this page: My first edition was: Yes, that is what it originally cost in today’s dollars before the current era of cheaper imported appliances. This luxury ice machine should not be confused with the ordinary ice maker that is part of a refrigerator-freezer; the former magnificent engine makes crystal-clear, flavor-free, ice cubes. A refrigerator-freezer ice maker produces cloudy ice in a stale-garlic flavor, typically in odd crescent shapes, and stuck together. The ice machine’s product is clear, pure, flavorless ice cubes which are luxuriously wet and loose, like a handful of flawless diamonds scooped from a mountain spring. Owning this machine once in your life will spoil you, like many of my correspondents who say they will never again return to refrigerator ice. Besides this delicious indulgence, the ice machine also makes an excellent source for controlled cold-plate chilling necessary to the operation of an even greater luxury, the home soda fountain see my page on home carbonation.

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Water may not be reaching the ice maker due to a frozen line, missing filter, or a closed supply valve. Begin with the easiest fix first and work through possible problems until you find the cause. When there is no filter, or it is clogged, the ice maker does not get water.

Their corporate skyscraper suites were furnished with a large quantity of these machines, recently purchased.

Is Your Refrigerator Water Dispenser Line Frozen?

Updated boards are Whirlpool part numbers and the most recent

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If you can’t feel any chilling at all, but the fan is running down below, this is a problem either with the refrigeration system itself, or the controls.

Is Your Refrigerator Water Dispenser Line Frozen?

Installing the new wire:

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Soon the water level drops enough in the reservoir that the circulation pump “ventilates”, that is, draws in air instead of water.

How to Repair an Ice Cube Maker That Is Not Getting Water

This valve is located at the bottom right front of the unit, just inside the kick panel, where the water connection is made.

How To Install Or Replace A Frigidaire/Electrolux Ice Maker